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Oak Hill Child Family & Adolescents Center partner's with Choices & UMEB!

On September 10, 2021, UMEB partnered with Oak Hill Family & Adolescent Center and the organization "Choices." Our expression of gratitude and selflessness continues to humble our spirits and fuels UMEB's desire to continue to support and make change in our community. In this day and time, UMEB has truly been reflective in our vision and mission to serve our community by restoring families and hearts alike. Many families are struggle to pay bills, childcare, and put food on the table. To continuously be apart of the building block that is reinstalling love, faith and trust is a beautiful seed to sow. Thank you to everyone who continues to dedicate their time and efforts in making the events so successful. Stay Empowered family!

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Agside Gside
Agside Gside
Sep 18, 2021

Great job brothers and great pics!!!

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